Lincoln Police Officers make traffic contacts with the public on a daily basis. Officers take extra care for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle they stopped and for their own safety. Officers must try to concentrate on many different aspects during a traffic stop. One being the vehicle itself for possible dangers and another the oncoming traffic. What you do during the stop can help make the stop more safe for you and the officer.

Take these steps into account the next time you are stopped by a police officer:

1. Pull off to the right side of the road in a safe location.
2. Turn your engine & music off.
3. Turn your flashers & interior lights on (at night).
4. Stay in your car with your safety belt on. 
5. Remain calm & ask passengers to remain quiet.
6. Roll your window down & keep your hands visible. 
7. Don't make any movements to cause concern, do not attempt to reach for insurance or driver's license until asked. 
8. Present proper ID when asked.
9. Answer questions fully & clearly. 
10. Don't argue with the officer. Explain in court.


Missing Child Alerts

The Lincoln Police Department has partnered with A Child Is Missing program.  This system utilizes home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, and even Facebook updates.  The program works best if you signup online with their website for alerts.  Your information is kept private and is only used for alerts.

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The Lincoln Police Department now utilizes Appriss for collecting traffic crash information and submitting to the State of Illinois. Appriss provides for those involved with the crash to receive copies of reports.

Please visit if you need a copy of your accident report.

Freedom of Information Act

 Illinois Freedom of Information Act

To request information from the Lincoln Police Department please fill out and sign the Freedom of Informaiton Act form below and send to the Lincoln Police Department at 911 Pekin St, Lincoln, IL, 62656, or fax to 217-732-4589.

Freedom of Information Act Form

Illinois Attorney General's Office

Toll-Free 24 Hour Anonymous Hotline



Focus on these activities:

  • Underage Drinking Parties
  • Fake ID's
  • Illegal Sales of Alcohol

Note: Your name and personal information are not asked for and your submission will remain anonymous to the parties involved

Lincoln Police Department

911 Pekin St.
Lincoln, IL 62656
ph 217.732.2151 fax 217.732.4589