Lincoln Police Department Gang Division

Welcome to the Gang Division of the Lincoln Police Department. We currently have one officer assigned to this division to keep track of gang activity in the Lincoln area.

If you have any questions or comments about gangs in Lincoln, please contact Sgt Tom Rowland. Sgt Rowland is a Certified Gang Crime Specialist.

Sgt Tom Rowland
Lincoln Police Department
911 Pekin St.
Lincoln, IL 62656
Phone: (217)732-2151

Gangs – History



  • Post Civil War Days
  • Early large city ehnic communities
  • Early 60’s – Chicago was birthplace of modern gangs
  • Over 130 Illinois Gangs currently
  • First activity in early 1990’s – Simon City
  • DOC has had moderate imppact on activity in Lincoln
  • Location is prime for gang involvement due to hub of major Interstate and State Routes.