We’re sorry to report yet another wave of virus-laden e-mails sent out with false FBI addresses. This particular e-mail claims the FBI has been monitoring your Internet use…says you’ve accessed so-called illegal websites…and demands you answer questionsall you have to do is open an attachment, maliciously laced with a variant of the w32/sober virus.

Don’t do it! In fact, don’t EVER respond to unsolicited poison pills like these. The FBI does not conduct business this way.

Who are the e-mails from? To date, they’re being sent out with email addresses of, and

What does the message say? Something like:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have logged your IP-address on more than 30 illegal Websites.

Important: Please answer our questions! The list of questions are attached.

Yours faithfully,
Steven Allison
Federal Bureau of Investigation-FBI-

The spread of computer viruses affects everyone who uses a computer. We take these incidents very seriously and work hard to investigate them.

Be cyber crime smart: Visit our New E-Scams & Warnings page to learn about a variety of scams. Find tips for avoiding Internet Fraud. Go to the website. And be warned about the specific dangers of the w32/sober virus and its variants at

You just can’t be too careful on the web.