Lincoln Police Patrol Division

Lincoln Police Mission Statement
The men and women of the Lincoln Police Department are committed to protect life, property, and the constitutional guarantee of all citizens. We recognize our responsibility to be fair, just, and to equally protect and serve without regard to race, religion, gender, or culture. With community partnership as our foundation we will strive to enhance the quality of life and create a stronger contract between the police and the community we serve. We will honor the trust placed into us by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct and challenge the community with shared responsibility for peace, good order, and law observance.


Our Patrol Division consists of 19 sworn officers.

These officers use two unmarked police cars, six marked police cars, and one 4X4 police vehicle. These vehicles consist of Ford Interceptors, Chevrolet Impalas, and a Jeep Cherokee. In August of 2004 the Lincoln Police transitioned into Black and White patrol cars. Most of our fleet looks like the black and white vehicle pictured, but we still have a few of the full white cars. The black and white patrol car gives our cars that unique appearance only found on police cars.

Most of our vehicles are equipped with Video Cameras, RADAR, and Mobile Data Computers.

Our mobile data computers are connected to a statewide system implemented by the Illinois State Police called the Illinois Wireless Information Network(IWIN).

If you have any questions for our patrol division please contact Patrol.